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Save vs. Sexism: New Column on Bitch Magazine


I wanted to tell you all about a new guest column on Bitch Magazine. It’s called Save vs. Sexism, it’s by Lillian Cohen-Moore, and it’s a reaction to #1ReasonWhy. Cohen explains why a “handful of tweets didn’t feel like enough” for her:

I’ve been playing tabletop games since I was old enough to hold my minis in my hand instead of trying to eat them. I’ve played games in every medium I’ve been able to engage with. I’ve spent my entire life playing and buying games. As an adult, I’ve also reported on games as a games journalist, and even worked on tabletop games as a writer and editor. I want this to be a hobby where people feel welcome, and that means honest discussion of where where we’ve gone wrong—and where we get it right.

The series will run for eight weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

One response

  1. Evisceratus

    Men have traditionally been the primary drivers behind the videogame industry from both a financial standpoint and also from an hours played standpoint. League of Legends the most played computer game in both Europe and North America recently reported that over 90% of it’s playerbase is male.

    This causes men to treat the game like their own personal bachelor pad, and are they wrong to do so?

    The question can be applied to the entire videogame industry should the industry cater to men, because they are the primary consumers of the industry?

    Any other industry would say yes and people wouldn’t care too much, but gaming is a very social activity women have to play in that virtual world too.

    It’s an odd problem and I don’t have the answer to it.

    The industry is in extremely dire financial shape with some people predicting another gaming crash like there was back in 1983, so the pressure is on to please that primary demographic now more than ever.

    March 27, 2013 at 8:21 pm

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