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Fuck You, Daily Currant

It’s not bad enough that I wake up nearly every day to some white, male member of the GOP making idiotic statements about rape, apparently, because now I have to watch as all my outraged friends react the way I did when I saw the Daily Currant story being shared all over social media today:

Mourdock: Rape Victims Should Have ‘Prayed Harder’*

Yesterday, when Mourdock made his now-infamous claim that God wants women to give birth to their rapists’ children, I had the feeling Erin Gloria Ryan described in her Jezebel article Rape Fatigue and You: When There’s Just No Anger Left. This article appeared in August, and these assholes still haven’t let up in their assault on logic, reason, and our psyches. As soon as one of them gets slapped down, another one pops up–its like Whack-a-Mole, except not nearly as much fun because this shit they’re spewing isn’t just stupid, ignorant, and wrong–it’s also hurtful. It attempts to minimize rape, the experience of surviving rape, and most certainly the psychological damage that results from rape and the ensuing shitshow that comes with reporting the crime and pressing charges. And when this shit is coming at you day after day, you begin to wonder if it will ever end. You start to count the days in between like days since the last on-the-job injury. In fact, this exists:

Today, however, instead of some GOP asshole getting my blood-pressure up by saying something so ridiculous it ought to be a joke except it’s not funny, The Daily Currant (*the self-described “Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”)  ran a story that is so close to the true state of things as to be completely useless as satire. I’ve long felt that the Currant plays their satire too straight; the reason the Onion works is because it’s over-the-top and almost always funny. And I suspect that unlike the Onion, which strives to entertain, TDC enjoys seeing their stories taken as truth and spread all over the Internet. I know they’re digging the traffic spikes. But in a climate like this one, where women and women’s issues are under attack, any attempt to satirize these attacks–especially where rape is involved–had damned well better be a) fucking hilarious, or b) ridiculous enough that no one is going to take it seriously. Sure, lots of people “got it” right off–they were familiar with the publication or thought the claim strained the bounds of believability. But for many it just didn’t seem that far-fetched–because frankly, it’s not, when you compare it to some of the claims actually made by GOP politicians recently.

It didn’t take me long to catch on, but by then I felt the same way I do when I see one of these stories and it’s true. As a friend of mine said, “It’s too close to home.” And every single time someone shares this story, expressing outrage over yet another bullshit statement by an ignorant Republican, I get angry and overwhelmed and depressed all over again.

How about I do both?

So, Fuck You, Daily Currant, for making my day–a day when white male GOP assholes were apparently not planning to make any hurtful comments about rape–feel just like any other day.